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Do you have any tips on applying the purple Glop Stopper skin wax?

Can you give me some tips or experience with the purple globstopper skin wax? What's the best way to apply the wax to skins?

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If you carry glopstopper in your backpack and only put it on after your skins have started building up with snow or begin icing up, you're doing it wrong.

Instead, you're better off hotwaxing your skins with glopstopper. Here's how:
1) Put a skin on your ski and put the ski in your bench ski clamps like you would wax a ski.
2) Then rub the glopstopper into the plush hard, going both ways (with and against the grain of the skin).
3) Now set your iron to its lowest temperature and melt the wax into the fibers of the plush. It will take only two or three passes at just the right temperature. NOTE: You DO NOT want the heat to penetrate through the backing of the skin glue.
4) Once the wax cools, you can brush it with a nylon brush just to separate the skin fibers.
5) You should now be good for at least 10 days or more of glop-free skiing.

Again, if you have to use glop stopper after your skin has become wet and refrozen, it's already too late. While it might help a little bit, if you hot wax your skins as I described above, before you use them, they will actually grip better and they won't be prone to glop.

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