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How do you keep sticky snow from sticking to the top of skis while skinning?

What ways do you use to keep sticky snow off the tops of your skis while skinning up? I'm getting a lot of snow sticking to my topsheet while skinning and it's weighing down my skis. What can I do to keep snow from sticking to the top of my skis?

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I would make sure your skis are cooled down before you start skinning. So let them cool them off in the parking lot after taking skis out of your car before letting any snow hit the top sheets. That way snow won’t melt and freeze allowing snow to accumulate on top.

Here are a number of different options that may help keep snow from sticking to your top sheet:

- Use Silicone spray lubricant on the top sheet
- Spray WD40 on tops of skis
- Polish top sheet with Turtle wax / Car wax
- Use Rain-x
- Wipe top sheet with Amour All

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