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What are the Best Ski Poles to use for backcountry skiing?

I'm looking for the best ski poles to use for backcountry skiing? What are the best backcountry ski poles?

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I'd recommend Leki backcountry ski poles for backcountry skiing. I've not had great experience with Black Diamond backcountry ski poles, which seem to be a bit flimsy (and can break), top of handle is uncomfortable, and have found the locking mechanism of the poles doesn't always stay tight, which means the pole length can shorten while skiing down or pole planting.

Leki is known for making ski poles and they seem to do a really good job. I'd recommend checking out the Leki backcountry line poles like the Leki Aergonlite 2, Leki Haute Route Lite Ski Pole or the Leki Aergonlite 2 Carbon (I personally own the Leki Condor poles). In particular, I really like the rounded top grip on the Leki poles, which makes the poles much more comfortable to grip if placing palms on the top of the pole. I also like the foam grip that extends down a good portion of the pole. The locking mechanism also seems to be more reliable than the Black Diamond poles.

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