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Do you do telemark ski mountaineering? If so, what do you recommend for tele skis, bindings?

Does anyone do ski mountaineering with telemark skis? If so, I'd like to hear what you recommend for telemark skis, bindings, etc. Thanks for any tips.

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On deeper powder days, I ride 176cm Voile V8s skis (dimensions 141 / 112 / 123mm) with Voile Switchback Bindings paired with Black Diamond Ascension Skins. When snowpack is low, I go with Voile Vector skis with waist width of 94 mm for 170 cm skis.

For driving the skis, I wear Scarpa T2 Eco Tele Ski Boots. But when I want a lightweight option, I'll opt for Scarpa T4 backcountry ski boots. 


I ski mountaineer tele on G3 Findr skis with waist width 86mm wide, mounted with G3 Enzo touring telemark bindings. After freeing my heels a few years ago, I don't see myself going back to tech-pin bindings anytime in the future.

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