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What's a good and durable camera for taking photos of your friends skiing?

Other than an iPhone or Android, I'm looking for a suggestions for a small handheld camera for taking decent photos skiing? I don't need SLR, but would like a camera that can take good photos and has a good battery life. Any suggestions?

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I recommend the Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera (or newest version). The Olympus TG cameras are tough, waterproof, shockproof and reasonably priced. It also takes great quality photos and doesn't freeze up when other cameras will die in cold weather. The Olympus TG has good battery life, durability and shooting speed is high enough for snapping action photos. I use the camera for skiing in winter and surfing in summer. Highly recommend the Olympus TG cameras.


The Sony RX 100 camera series are top of the line for small handheld cameras. They take great photos and are durable. I just wish the RX 100 had a viewfinder to look through on really bright days when it's hard to see the screen due to sun glare.

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