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What is the best ski wax to use for waxing skis for summer storage?

Is there a particular ski wax that is better to use for waxing skis for summer storage? Does it matter what temp rating wax you use? I only have old swix wax and was wondering which temperature rated wax (pink, red, blue, white, etc.) I should use for summer waxing of my skis.

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The best wax to use for prepping your skis for summer storage should be a base prep wax. Here are some of the popular base prep summer storage ski waxes:

1) Swix BP88 base prep wax
2) Toko All In One Non Fluoro wax
3) ZUMWax base prep wax

Otherwise, you’ll want to hot wax your skis with an all-temperature or a softer warm-weather wax to protect your ski bases from oxidation.  Make sure you leave the wax on your skis (don’t scrape the wax off). Also, make sure you're generous with the amount of wax you put on and also be sure to cover the edges, to help keep them from rusting.

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