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What are the best pants to wear underneath ski touring pants?

I'm looking for a highly breathable, lightweight, quick drying pant, that's easy to move in, that will go underneath my ski touring pants? Any good pant/ base layer recommendations?

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If you're looking for pants to wear underneath ski pants while ski touring or skiing at the resort, the Prana Stretch Zion pant has to be my favorite active pant for skiing.

So many things to like about the Prana Zion pant:
- It's light
- It stretches a bit while moving
- You don't need to wear a belt
- It stays dry
- If it gets wet, it drys out super fast
- Gives you enough warmth while skiing or ski touring underneath ski pants
- It fits well and you can get exact sized pants (waist and inseam length)
- It looks good and material feels good against skin
- Has a zippered cargo pocket.

- The only thing I wish it had was a zippered right hand pocket for keeping phone, wallet securely zipped up.

At any rate, I highly recommend the Prana Strech Zion pants... and when backcountry skiing, they pair really well with the Outdoor Research Trail Breaker Ski Pant.

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