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How much does it cost to ship downhill skis with bindings?

What's the average cost of shipping to ship out alpine skis with bindings? Where should I ship skis for the best price, UPS, Fedex, DHL or the USPS?

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I recently shipped 187cm skis and bindings... and shipped them via UPS store. Total cost was about $48. Box length was 73.5" x 9" x 9" and weighed 17 lbs.

If I where to have shipped via USPS it would have been almost twice as expensive, and the box I shipped the skis in where about 2" over the max limit of 108" package girth of the USPS packages.


I recently shipped 181cm powder skis from the UPS Store and they were $70 to ship. Not the best way to go. If it's possible to pre-print your shipping label, definitely do it. I think UPS Stores tack on an extra $10.  If your skis can get under the box size limit at the United States Postal Service, you'll probably save money by shipping them with USPS.

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