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Does anyone have experience with Hotronic ski boot warmers?

Anyone use Hotronic boot warmers? I always end up with cold feet while skiing more than 2 hours in the winter. I'm wondering if Hotronic boot warmers are worth it to install in my ski boots.

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I've been using Hotronics FootWarmers while skiing for more than 5 years. I always use them if temperatures are below 30. When the temps are below 20 I'll turn the heat to high (setting 4) just after putting my ski boots on, and then turn the heat down to 2 once on the ski lift and skiing. They can always be adjusted heat-wise during the day.

I recommend putting the Hotronic batteries to the side of your ski boots (on the strap) so that the chair doesn't hit them when getting on or off the chairlift. I'd also make sure secure the batteries with a para cord (or Hotronic Slide Strap Brackets) so you don't loose the battery while skiing.

The heating pads are glued to my insoles so they can't move. Since I've been using Hotronics in my boots, I've not noticed any discernible battery memory loss. So my Hotronics are still going strong after 5+ seasons. Totally worth it, for warm feet while skiing.


I have them, and can say Hotronics changed my life. I have Raynaud's disease and use Hotronics with Intuition liners and on really cold days will also use a Boot Glove. Very easy to install.

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