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Which is better...Stan's NoTubes vs Orange Seal Tire Sealant?

Who has the best tubeless tire sealant? Stan's NoTubes or Orange Seal Tire Sealant?

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Many experienced mountain bike racers prefer to use Orange Seal tire sealant rather than Stans sealant. The reason is that many of them feel Orange seal, does a better and faster job at sealing tubeless tire leaks and can plug larger sized holes when compared to Stans.

Also, Stans No Tubes sealant can have a tendency to dry up form little balls that rattle around in your tire if you ride a lot in hot and dry areas. You can also typically find Orange Sealant for less than Stans. Another sealant that is cheaper than Stans and is recommended by some enduro racers is TruckerCo High Performance Cream Tubeless Tire Sealant.

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