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What are a good pair of clear glasses to wear mountain biking?

I need a pair of clear lens safety glasses to wear mountain biking to protect my eyes from branches. What's the best glasses w/ clear lenses, that will fit comfortably with a helmet on?

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For a really good pair of clear lens glasses to wear mountain biking you'll definitely want some Oakley's.  While not clear the Oakley EVZero Pitch Iridium Sunglasses w/ the Prizm Trail lens is our favorite mountain biking glasses, as they have amazing clarity on the trail and are barely noticable that you are actually wearing them.  The Oakley Radar Sunglasses also come in a Prizm Trail lens

Also, check out the Oakley Men's Jawbreaker OO9290 Shield Sunglasses w/ Clear to Black Iridium Photochromic Lens.

For another option check out: Tifosi Seek Fc Wrap Sunglasses w/ Carbon Frame/ Light Night Lens.

For some cheaper clear lens glasses, go with safety glasses. Another option to check out are Bolle Silium glasses


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