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What are your favorite grips for mountain biking?

What's your most favorite mtb handle bar grips for mountain biking?

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I'm a really big fan of ODI's Lock-On MTB Elite Pro grips. I like these for a number of reasons, the grips just feel good, aren't hard, and they are easy to take on and off due to them being Lock-On grips. They give me a lot of confidence and control when handling the bike, unlike some other grips I've tried.

I really don't like squishy grips or grips that don't lock on and have bar end caps.


I love the WTB Padloc grips... these are super great if you're experience pain in the palms of your hands. They are more comfortable, more supple, more compliant... the downside is you might need to cut your handle bar down a little to fit the grips.

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