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What are some of the best full face DH mountain biking helmets?

I'm looking to purchase my first full face downhill mountain biking helmets for lift serve riding. Any recommendations, on what are some of the best DH full face helmets?

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I highly recommend the Fox Proframe Full-Face Helmet. The helmet is super light for a full-face, has MIPS, and has enough vents throughout the helmet so you won't get super hot while riding.

The helmet can be used for Downhill mountain biking, Enduro riding, dirt jumping or even a gnarly mountain bike trail ride. Essentially, the Fox Proframe helmet is a great all-around choice for a full face helmet.  If I was strictly riding DH at mountain bike parks, I might want a burlier helmet, that doesn't have so many vents, but overall I'm really happy with the versatility of the Fox Proframe helmet.

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