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How much does it cost to have ski bindings mounted?

What is the average price to get bindings mounted on skis?

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The cost to mount ski bindings really depends on the ski shop. Bigger ski shops with lots of employees tend to charge more. Small town ski shops will typically charge less.

In the last 2 years I've paid the following to have bindings mounted from a number of ski shops that are a long distance apart from each other:

- $50 plus tax from small ski shop (small mountain town), to mount Dynafit TLT Radical ST bindings
- $55 plus tax from a small ski shop (small ski town), to mount Salomon Guardian 16 bindings.
- $60 plus tax (additional 15% off for Season Pass holders) from local ski mountain tuning center, to mount Marker Griffon 13 bindings
- $85 plus tax from a big ski shop (city), to mount LOOK PX 12 bindings. (would be free if I purchased both skis & bindings from shop)

Needless to say, find the best ski shop that you can trust to mount your bindings.  I've found that usually the smaller ski shops will have ski techs with 10 to 20+ years of experience mounting bindings, so they know what they're doing.  Having bindings mounted and adjusted properly is so critical so you can avoid serious knee injuries, so don't take it lightly and always double check that your bindings were adjusted correctly after the fact. If you have to travel, a few hours to get your bindings mounted by a trustworthy ski tech, it's worth it.  I've found that the small ski shops in ski/mountain towns are much better and seem to be more experienced than the larger ski shops (that get new employees every year) or the local resort tuning center shops, which I don't trust to tune skis or mount bindings based on my experience, but that can depend on the mountain.

Call ahead of time and ask what they charge to mount bindings and see if you can schedule a time to come in and have your bindings mounted (instead of dropping your skis off and waiting 1-3 weeks to get your skis mounted). Lots of times if you buy skis & bindings from a shop, they will mount bindings on the skis for FREE.  The week or two after Christmas is usually some of the busiest times to have ski bindings mounted, so you'll typically have to wait longer to get your skis back.

If you just need a binding check... which is an adjustment made to bindings that are already mounted on your skis (NOT mounting bindings), an adjustment will typically only cost $25 or less. Don't let a ski shop charge you for both a binding mount and also an adjustment (which almost happened to me).

Best thing to do, is call your local ski shops for pricing before going to the shop. Because you'll also want to find out if they are Certified to mount the ski bindings that you need to have mounted.  They will need to have the binding mounting jig to be able to mount the bindings the best and/or properly.   Also keep in mind, that not all ski shops are certified to mount Alpine Touring bindings like Dynafits and Guardians or Telemark bindings.

Lastly, if you have a season pass to your local ski mountain and they have a ski shop that mounts bindings, you might be able to get a discount on the binding mount as a season pass holder, so you may want to check with your local ski mountain shop to see if they can mount your bindings for a reduced price.

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