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What screws does the Marker Griffon 13 ID binding need to use?

I recently purchased Marker Griffon 13 ID (16/17) ski bindings and I'm looking for the specs on the screws that are used on the binding. Specifically, the toe piece screws, since the box that bindings came in are missing the 4 screws that come in a plastic bag for the toe piece. But it would be good to get the screw length specs on back plate, and front plate as well. Thanks.

What screws are needed for the Marker Griffon 13 ID binding?


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I contacted Marker USA and Canada to try and get the correct screw specs on the Toe piece, but never heard back from Marker USA, and Marker Canada just said to contact a local Marker dealership.  Overall, not the kinda of customer service I was hoping for... I'm not sure why it needs to be so hard to get screw specs on bindings from the company itself.

However, I had a friend of mine send me a picture of his new pair of Marker Griffon ID 13 Toe piece screws that come in a plastic bag, and I believe they are 5.5 x 13 mm flat head screws after comparing them to pictures on Tognar. Also the screws that come on the Heel track (which are 5.5 x 11.5 mm) seem to be slightly too short for the Toe piece (when I screwed one in).

So I believe the screws listed below should be the correct screw specs used to attach the 2016-17 Marker Griffon ID 13 bindings to skis (keep in mind, some of these screws are different from older Marker Griffon Bindings):

For mounting each Marker Griffon ID 13 binding to skis:

SEE Pictures of Marker Griffon ID 13 screws below:

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