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How much would it cost to have ski bindings adjusted that are too small for my boot?

I just bought a used pair of alpine skis from a ski sale. They have a fixed toe bindings, and it’s too small for my boot. How much would it cost for me to take them to a shop, and get the bindings adjusted?

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If your ski boots are within the adjustable size range of the binding and only need an adjustment of the binding then expect to pay around $20 to $30.

If your boot size is bigger than what the size of the binding can be adjusted (backward), then you'll need to have the bindings remounted on the skis which could cost anywhere between $50 to $75. But remounting bindings can comprise the skis if the newly mounted screw holes are too close to the old binding screw holes in the skis. I've ripped bindings out of skis that were remounted, so just be aware that you can run into issues when remounting bindings.

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