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What's the Best Ski Vice for super wide skis?

I'm trying to find a ski vice I can use for wider fat skis. I can only see world cup vices that go to 90mm wide. I need a vice that can do race skis and fat skis up to 130mm. Who makes a ski vice for fat skis?

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If you don't want to DIY your own ski vice for wide skis, Swix and Toko both make free ride vices that hold fat skis at the waist. Here are the fatty ski vices:

1) Swix Wide Ski Vise Freeride Power Pro 155 mm T0147N
2) Swix Wide Ski Vise Super Jaws 150 mm T0149-90W  (Older model) 
3) TOKO Ski Vise Freeride (155 mm) (keep in mind, outer supports do not raise up...)
4) Wintersteiger Ski Vise Pro – Wide – 150mm
5) XCMAN All Metal Alpine Ski Vise 110mm wide

-- Tools4Boards PRO 500 Ski Vise (only holds Alpine bindings)


If you don't have some strong rubber bands to hold ski binding brake down, you'll also want to pick up some rubber ski brake retainer straps.


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