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What's the Best High Altitude lighters?

I've heard lighters don't work well above 17,000 feet. Are there any High Altitude lighters for high mountain expeditions?

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For the best high altitude lighters, many mountaineers will just use the two flint-fired small mini Bic lighters as they work at high altitude, are durable and are light weight. Bic lighters also don't take up much room in a pack and are not prone to leaking lighter fluid like Zippos. A countless number of mountaineers have lit stoves on Denali at 17,000 feet with a mini Bic lighter. 

Just note, it's best to keep butane lighters warm, so they are able to light up when you need them, so make sure to keep the lighter in a warm pocket.

As a backup, always carry waterproof matches, just in case.

Don't bring a Zippo lighter, they are heavy, leak fuel, can dry out and are not waterproof. However, one advantage of a Zippo is that it can work with White Gas (which you will probably have for your camping stove), so if the zippo gets wet, you can dry it out and refill it with your stove fuel.



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