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Do climbers use compression socks while climbing at high altitude?

Is it alright to use compression socks at high altitude on mountains such as Denali or Mount Everest?

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It's possible the new merino wool “compression socks” can work for Denali or other high altitude cold environments, but you may find that they are too constrictive, maintain moisture and are hard to put on and take off. So you really want to do some testing first on lower elevation climbs to see if your feet stay warm while wearing compression socks.

You may find that you're more likely to get cold, sweaty feet while wearing compression socks, so at high altitude and cold temperatures that could spell danger for your toes. A foot powder can be used to help reduce your feet from sweating.

If you're feet get cold easily you could try doubling up a pair of regular merino wool socks, over the top of a pair of thinner compression socks. Alternatively, some climbers will wear heat socks like the Lenz Lithium Heat Sock.

Another sock to check out is the Lorpen Inferno Expedition Polartec sock or the Lorpen T3+ Polartec Light Ski sock.

Compressions socks are supposed to improve circulation and speed/aid bloodflow, so at the very least they could help with recovery, after a big day of climbing at high altitude.



ArmaSkin anti-blister liner sock is being used more often by adventurers in sub freezing temperatures as they reportedly keep feet fresher. Feedback from climbers is being sought to help ascertain whether ArmaSkin's compressive nature is a benefit in high altitude situations.

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