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What's the Best Lightweight Camping Chair?

I'm looking for a fairly light weight camping chair that I can use for canoe trips and camping trips. What's a comfortable folding camp chair that is portable and I can use while tent camping or lean-to camping trips?

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(Best Value) The best lightweight camping chair for the price ($20+) is the Moon Lence Ultralight Folding Camping chair. It weighs 2 lbs, is small, very comfortable and is almost an exact copy of the popular Helinox Chair One that retails for $100. To complement the chair, you may also want to pick up the Trekology Sand Cover to prevent the chair from easily sinking into wet ground.

(Best Overall) If you want to spend some money, and get a super comfortable rocking chair with a higher back rest for your head, go with the Helinox Chair Two Rocker. It weighs around 4 lbs, won't sink into soft ground as easily, and is really a joy to sit in and rock back and forth next to a campfire.

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