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What should I wear to ACL surgery?

What should you wear to the hospital or surgery center, when you go in for ACL surgery?  What to wear after acl surgery?

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After surgery, you'll be fitted with a Post-Op brace that's fairly bulky, but should fit under most loose fitting or baggy sweat pants or shorts. So baggy sweat pants or shorts are a good choice. Another really good option is to wear tear-away sweat pants, similar to what basketball players wear while warming up or just before entering a game. Do NOT wear tight fitting pants.

Other than that you can pretty much wear whatever else you feel comfortable wearing to surgery, that is easy for you to take on and off (like a shirt and zip up sweatshirt). You'll essentially have to change into a hospital gown and socks before surgery, but you will typically leave on your underwear or boxers.

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