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Time it takes to regain strength after torn ACL injury?

What is the typical amount of time it takes to regain strength and lost muscle after a torn ACL knee injury prior to reconstructive surgery?

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It all depends on how active you can actually be after tearing your ACL, and how much time you devote to Prehab before surgery. After surgery, getting muscle back will be determined by how much muscle you lose overall and if you keep to a really good rehab schedule (2 hours+ a day).

Everyone is different as to how they progress after surgery... The people who seem to get back to sport quicker, seem to be the ones that only lose an inch or less of muscle off their quad after surgery.

Just as a estimate, I might say that for every inch you lose off your quad it will take 1 year to regain the muscle you lost and get back to participating in active sports. So if you lose 2 inches off your quad after surgery, it may take 2 years to regain all the muscle you lost. If you lose 3 inches off your quad, it may take 3 years to fully regain the muscle you lost. Keep in mind, this all depends on how active you are in your rehab, and how much strength training you do.  Everyone is going to be different though.

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