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What lightweight bike lock can I use while at a bike park to lock up my bike?

I'd like a lightweight bike lock to use while at a mountain bike downhill bike park for quick bathroom stops or lunch break. Any suggestions on a lightweight bike lock to use?

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Here are a few ultra light weight zip tie type bike locks that may be suitable for quick pit stops at a restroom or coffee shop, or locking up a tire/rim on your bike rack (in addition to a stronger lock).

1) Hiplok Z Lok Secured Armoured Zip Tie Lock with Universal Key (40cm long)
2) Hiplok Z-lok Combo Armoured Combo Lock
3) OTTOLOCK Steel & Kevlar Combination Bike Lock

If a thief wants to steal your bike, he'll probably be able to cut through these locks pretty easy, but as a deterent to prevent your bike from being easily stolen at a bike park or coffee shop, these locks should give you a little bit of piece of mind while you're away from your bike for a quick pit stop.

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