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What is the best sleeping bag for the Pacific Crest Trail?

What are the best sleeping bags to use camping on the Pacific Crest trail? I'm looking for the most recommended PCT thru hike sleeping bag?

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The best sleeping bag for long-distance hiking the Pacific Crest Trail should be a Down sleeping bag (rather than synthetic) to reduce backpack weight and size. The sleeping bag on average should be rated for 20⁰ F (-6.7⁰ C) degrees to handle most weather conditions (cold-weather/all-weather), so you don't get too cold. Here are some of the most popular sleeping bags for long-distance hiking of the PCT:

Make sure you also have a good sleeping pad for the PCT. One of the most popular foam pads is the Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Mattress or the most popular inflatable pad is the Thermarest NeoAir X-Lite.

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