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What is the Best Glasses Case for hiking?

Best glasses case hiking? Should I use a hard glasses case or a soft case?

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For hiking, you may want to use a lighter weight case that's semi-rigid like the  take a look at the following cases for protecting your eyeglasses or sunglasses when backpacking:

- Chums Transporter Case (weight 1.6 ounces)
- Flying Fisherman Zipper Shell Sunglass Case, Belt Loop and Clip

If you plan to put glasses in the bottom of your backpack and don't want to worry about damaging your glasses, then you may be better off using a hard case.  Here's a few hard cases:

- Chums Explorer Eyewear Case & Microfiber Cloth
- Witz Lenslocker Sportbox Hard Case (weight 2.4 ounces)
- 2 for 1 Portable Oval Shape Zippered Closure Eye Glasses Sunglasses Hard Case


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