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What are the Best Mountain Biking Sunglasses?

What sunglasses are the best to wear mountain biking that are comfortable while wearing a helmet?

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Here are some of the best sunglasses for mountain biking:

1) Oakley EVZero Pitch Sunglasses (w/ Prizm Trail lens)
2) Smith Attack Sunglasses (and Attack Max)
3) Smith Pivlock Arena Sunglasses (and Pivlock Arena Max)
4) Oakley Flak Draft Sunglasses
5) Oakley Flak Beta Sunglasses

Smith sponsors some of the biggest mountain bikers including: Aaron Gwin, Richie Rude, Cameron McCaul, Cecile Ravanel, Curtis Keene and Brandon Semenuk.

Oakley also sponsors many of the biggest mountain bikers including: Nino Schurter,
Greg Minnaar, Rachel Atherton, Danny Hart, Gee Atherton and Cam Zink

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