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What are the best snowshoes for hiking the Adirondack High Peaks?

What snowshoes would you recommend for hiking snow covered trails in the Adirondacks? I'm trying to complete my winter 46ers and need snowshoes.

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MSR makes some really good snowshoes for hiking High Peaks in the Adirondacks. Two popular MSR snowshoes that winter peak baggers use for hiking in the ADKs are the following:

I personally own the MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes, which have worked well. However, if you walk with a narrower stance, you may prefer the Lightning Ascent Snowshoe, since they are not as wide as the EVO Ascent.  You can more easily trip up or stumble with a wider snowshoe.

The 22" length snowshoes have better maneuverability, but depending how much you weigh you may want a larger length snowshoe.  You can add on optional tails to both versions of these snowshoes, but for climbing up mountains you will probably not want or need the extra tail. 

Lightning Ascent | Load (22 in): Up to 180 lbs  |  Load (25 in): 120 - 220 lbs  |  Load (30 in): 150 - 280 lbs

But no matter what snowshoes you go with, make sure you get a snowshoe that has a heel lift (Televators) that will help reduce fatigue while climbing up steeper terrain.

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