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Do you have any advice on the Best Crampons for winter hiking?

Does anyone have advice to give on your favorite crampons to use for winter hiking in the mountains? What things to look for? What Brand is the best?

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Two of the best crampon brands are Grivel and Black Diamond and they have some good crampons if you're on a budget. For winter hiking, get a 10 point crampon.

Black Diamonds Contact Strap Crampons with ABS Plates are a great all around winter hiking choice. They can attach to your existing hiking boots and have dual-density ABS plates to keep snow from sticking beneath your feet.

Other good winter mountain hiking crampons include:
- Grivel G-10 New-Classic Crampons
- Petzl Irvis Flexlock Crampons
- C.A.M.P. USA Stalker Universal Crampons

Note: If your going to wear crampons, it's a good idea to wear gaiters (Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters) with them because it's easy to get the front points caught in a loose pant leg (or spike your calf with the crampon). It's easy to make that mistake and accidentally tear the bottoms of your pants, which can then cause you to trip and fall on your face.

On days where you may not need a full crampon, it's also good to have a micro (spike) crampon like the Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device.

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