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What are the best Ski Boot Heaters?

My feet are getting way too cold while skiing and am looking for a good set of boot heaters that are the best for ski boots. Which are the best boot heaters for skiing?

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The following three brands all produce quality, performance proven ski boot heaters.  Hotronic boot warmers are one of the best and most installed by ski shops, but you can easily install them yourself by following the videos below.  I personally own the Hotronic S4 boot heaters... and would absolutely recommended them to any skier.  In my opinion, they are game changers at keeping your toes warm and make skiing that much more enjoyable in cold temps!

1) Hotronic - Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom
2) Sidas - Sidas One 3 Bootwarmer Set with Custom H Element
3) Therm-ic - Thermic Insoles and Boot Heaters (Therm-ic use regular AA batteries, but the heaters may be harder to find worldwide)

Alternatively, you could also get Boot Gloves. Then just stick hot hands hand warmers between your ski boot shell and the Boot Glove (for cheap boot warmers).



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