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What type of water filter do you bring hiking?

What type of water filtration do you bring hiking? I ran out of water on the last hike and need a lightweight water filter for hiking.

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When hiking I'll bring a Katadyn Hiker Pro filter pump. It's been great at treating some less-than stellar water sources and never had an issue. I'll also carry some AquaMira drops that I can use on exceptionally sketchy water.


I carry a Sawyer mini water filter, which I highly recommend. If you're concerned about flow rate you may want to get a Sawyer mini squeeze instead. Both are excellent.

Keeping in mind, these filters are cheap and light so if you carry it and never need it, it's not a huge deal because it doesn't weigh you down as much as a larger pump filter might.

Alternatively, you can use gravity fed Sawyer mini setup. It filters about a minute per liter.

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