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What makes a good tinder bundle for starting a fire?

What can I use to make a good tinder bundle?

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Make sure that whatever you use for a tinder bundle that it is really dry, and shredded into really fine fibers.

Natural tinder bundles:

  • Fern that's been dried up makes a great tinder bundle. If you get a coal even close to the dried up fern, it will fire up super fast.
  • Lichen pulled off a tree (a.ka. OLD MAN'S BEARD), you can dry it out by putting it inside your clothing (keep fluffy).
  • Tinder fungus
  • Tall Dried grass
  • Dried pine needles
  • Birch bark shavings - will catch fire even when wet.
  • Conifir resin
  • Spruce tree needles
  • American Beech tree leaves: These trees hold onto their dried, brownish yellow leaves through the winter.
  • Cedar bark. When scraped with the blade of a knife it yields a very fine combustible material.
  • Cattail heads. Scrape with knife blade to make a finer tinder.
  • Dried and dessicated milkweed pods. These can ignite like a dry cotton ball and are a great to use.
  • Inner bark of cottonwood
  • Sagebrush bark
  • Coconut husks

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