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What are the Largest Mountain Bike Flat Pedals?

What are the biggest flat pedals you can buy for mtb? What are the longest pedals or widest platform pedals for larger feet?

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Here are some of the largest flat mtb platform pedals:

  1. Crank Brothers Large Stamp Pedals (Width: 114mm x Length: 111mm footprint) Weight 405 gram, recommended for shoe sizes 10-15 (US Men's)
  2. VP Components Harrier Pedal - Widest flat pedal? (Platform size: 120mm wide and 110mm long) Weight: 362 grams, Thickness: 12mm
  3. Catalyst Pedal - Longest flat pedal (Length: 128mm x 95mm platform, 16mm thickness) Weight: 505 grams

I own all 3 of these pedals, and would recommend the Crank Brothers Large Stamp pedal as the best all around large mtb flat pedal.

The new version of VP Harrier Pedal started making loud creaking noises after a month or so of riding on them, but do like the feel of the pedal.

The Catalyst pedal is interesting to ride at first, but it's heavy, prone to pedal strikes (especially if you use the taller pins) and just too large for technical trail riding (roots and rocks) and it's not a good pedal if you're going to be doing any sort of dirt jumping (IMHO) because you can't curl your feet on the pedal, so it's easier to loose your footing in the air... It might be a comfortable winter fat bike pedal though when wearing larger boots, as the pedal does support the entire foot. 

Catalyst advertises their pedal as length 143mm x 95mm, which if true makes it considerably longer than other large pedals. I often wonder when reading pedal specs, what the actual size measurements of the platform on which your foot rests are, as opposed to overall size of entire pedal.

Good point above about Catalyst and winter riding. Also trail riders may not be too concerned about pedal strikes depending on the trail.

The entire length of the Catalyst pedal is 143mm, but the pedal platform that your foot sits on is 128mm in length. I've listed the platform size of the 3 pedals above... (not the overall length). After a few rides on the Catalyst pedal I switched out the smaller pins (because my feet didn't feel planted) w/ the larger pins, but had pedal strikes on nearly every ride... I almost never get pedal strikes riding Crank Brothers Large Stamp pedal.  Also the 100g additional rotational weight is really noticable when you switch between these pedals. Any power that you may be able to gain from the larger Catalyst pedal is offset by it's rotational weight, which makes spinning your cranks around, more laborious.

–  BackcountryPlanet  Apr 3rd, 2018 at 8:20 PM

Can anyone update the fat pedal choice for 2020 ? Thanks

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