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What are the Biggest Flat Pedals for Mountain Biking?

What pedals are the biggest to use for Mountain Biking?

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Here are a few of the Biggest mountain bike flat pedals (I recommend the Crank Brothers Large Stamp pedal as the best large flat pedal):

  1. Crank Brothers Large Stamp Pedals (Width: 114mm x Length: 111mm footprint) Weight 405 gram, recommended for shoe sizes 10-15 (US Men's)
  2. VP Components Harrier Pedal - Widest flat pedal? (Platform size: 120mm wide and 110mm long) Weight: 362 grams, Thickness: 12mm
  3. Catalyst Pedal - Longest flat pedal (Length: 128mm x 95mm platform, 16mm thickness) Weight: 505 grams

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