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How do you keep a phone battery alive when out in the cold for a whole day?

Do you have any tips for keeping a phone battery alive when out in the backcountry for an entire day? It’s not the time that kills my phone battery, it almost always dies because of the cold. I’ve tried various things like putting the phone deep in my backpack, and wrapping it in socks, but it always seems to die from the cold weather if I'm out for a full day ski touring. What do you do to keep your phone battery alive?

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When ski touring I'll usually keep my iPhone in my right ski pants pocket (close to your skin). On really cold days I'll throw in a hand warmer, to keep the phone warm. I'll also try not to take the phone out of my pocket too much.

My older iPhone 5 use to shut off much more in the cold, but I've never had a problem with my newer iPhone 7 shutting off due to the cold. So it my have something to do with your phone and/or crappy battery if your phone shuts off a lot in cold weather.


Always keep your phone next to your body, either in a chest pocket or pants pocket. Put your phone in a plastic bag along with a footwarmer to keep it warm. I always bring a phone external battery as a backup, so if my phone battery does completely die, I have an extra battery to power the phone.

If don't want to put your phone in your pocket, then put inside a sock along with a chemical hand warmer and stick it in the middle of your backpack to stay warm. You can also use a waterproof pouch to place the phone in and hang it around your neck, in between layers to keep warm.

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