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What is a good ski mountaineering rope?

What kind of rope do you recommend for backcountry ski mountaineering?

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Typically most ropes used for skiing are twin or half ropes at 8mm in Diameter, and 30 (or 40) meters in length. Ski mountaineering ropes should have a Dry Treatment, so the rope does not easily pick up water, which can then weigh down the rope and freeze.

The Beal Rando Golden Dry rope is an excellent rope choice for ski mountaineering. The Beal Rando Golden Dry rope is a lightweight twin rope that will take up little space in your backpack at 30 meters in length, and at a weight of 37 g/m. The Beal Rando Golden Dry treatment gives the rope the highest water impermeability and durability. The rope is also center marked, along with markings every 12 meters for quick and easy tie-ins. It's recommended for ski mountaineering, hiking, mountain trekking and glacier travel.

CE and UIAA Certified - Twin Rope
Impact force: 4.2kN (on one strand)

UIAA falls: 5 (on one 8mm strand)
Weight: 37 g/m

Note: The specs are based on one strand of this UIAA twin rope because the ropes recommended use is for security while trekking or ski touring and is NOT normally used for lead climbing (falls). In order to use safely for lead climbing, two strands must be used.

In addition to the performance of DRY COVER, BEAL also enhances the durability of the core by another exclusive procedure. Every filament in the strands of the core is coated with a fluoride solution by a continuous process, which is then heat-set and polymerised onto the polyamide. Protecting the rope from water absorption eliminates weight increase, risk of freezing on cold weather climbs, and slows the wearing of the rope considerably.

With Golden Dry treatment, on the Beal Rando Golden Dry rope it doesn't take up water, even in extreme conditions. Actual use reveals that a 100 metre rope used in winter conditions absorbs around two and a half litres of water during the day if it's not treated, 1 litre if it has had the Beal 2003 dry treatment, little more than ½ litre if it is Dry cover treated, and only ¼ litre with Golden dry treatment.

Ski mountaineer Andrew McLean recommends and likes to use a standard 30 meter dynamic rope with about a 9.2 diameter to use for ski mountaineering.

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