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What is the Best avalanche Snow Saw?

What is the Best Snow Saw for cutting snow pits to test conditions for avalanches?

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G3 Bonesaw is highly recommended as being the best and most versatile snow saws out today. It's made of aircraft-grade stainless steel and weighs only 5.9 oz. It can cut snow, ice and even wood. It also comes with a durable sheath for carrying and protecting other delicate gear.

"In designing the Bonesaw, G3 got together with guides and avalanche professionals to see which features were useful and which ones were useless. After months of design and testing with skiers who spend 100 days in the backcountry each year, they've got it dialed. The G3 Bonesaw has become one of the most versatile snow saws available. This burly saw has offset teeth that can cut snow, ice, and even wood. It comes with a durable sheath for easy carrying. The best part is that with two included straps, you can attach this saw to just about anything. Strap it onto your ski pole, avy probe, shovel handle, long stick, or anything else that's at hand to increase your reach for cutting test pits and Rutschblocks. For easy snow safety research there are measurements on the blade aid in making consistent cuts for tests and there are three different grids for determining snow crystal size."

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