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The North Face: Mountain Athletics - Skiing Workouts
by Updated October 5, 2016

With the ski season just around the corner, isn't it time you get your body prepared for the slopes. Below you'll find over 10 workouts to gear your body up for the demands of skiing this winter with the help from pro-skiers Kit DesLaurier, Griffin Post and Angel Collinson. You can also download the free Mountain Athletics Training App to go along with these workouts and set your skiing, running, and climbing goals so you can be stronger and go longer while having fun outdoors.


Intro - Training for more than a game. Team ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers explains why she trains.


Kit Core Circuit Workout

Kit DesLauriers demonstrates four core-strengthening exercises for a ski mountaineering Core Circuit. The exercises target movements, not muscles. The exercises, and movement that each one targets, are listed below. The focus of the core circuit is low back and isometric strength.


Poor Mans Leg Curl Workout

Alpine skiing is quad-intensive and the majority of this training plan reflects that. The Poor Man's Leg Curl trains the backside of the leg - hamstrings and glutes - to add balance and durability.


Leg Lactate Complex Workout

Kit DesLauriers demonstrates these three leg-focused, lactate-building exercises split up by hard, isometric tuck holds. This is interval - or time based training - and you'll need a stopwatch or clock with second hand to keep track of the intervals.


Scotty Bob Workout

We understand upper body strength is not the focus of skiing performance, however, a strong upper body adds balance and can protect you from injury, especially from a fall. Scotty Bobs are a simple, 2-for-1 upper body exercise using dumbbells. They train both pressing and pulling upper body strength.


Quadzilla Complex Workout

Kit DesLauriers demonstrates the Quadzilla Complex. This loaded, plyometric-based complex of exercises completed back to back designed to train eccentric leg strength. Eccentric strength is "negative" strength. You use eccentric strength to lower yourself into the bottom of the squat, and hike down a steep hill. Eccentric strength absorbs force. Alpine skiing primarily demands eccentric strength. Gravity "bounces" you down the ski slope and your legs absorb the negative force for each landing.

Alpine skiing demands high eccentric strength, and the Quadzilla Complex is an intense effort that respects this fitness demand. As you work through this training plan, you'll complete 6 rounds of the Quadzilla Complex every Tuesday and Friday with the number of reps of each exercise in the complex increasing over time.

(1) 6 Rounds
3x Quadzilla Complex
3x Loaded Lunges each Leg @ 35/55#
3x Loaded Jump Lunges each Leg @ 35/55#
3x Unloaded Jump Lunges each Leg
6x Squat Jumps - unloaded


Loaded Jump Squats

Loaded Jump Squats train lower body strength. They're simple, hard, and transfer well to the mountain. Male athletes use 65lbs, Female athletes use 45lbs.


Craig Special

Craig Specials are two movements combined into one: a hang squat clean plus a front squat.


Kneeling Curl to Press

Kneeling Curl to Press is a great old school exercise that develops strict upper body pushing and pulling strength.


Hippity Hop Intervals

Hippity Hop to Tuck Hold Intervals are a quick, plyometric exercise for your hips, knees, and ankles followed by an isometric hold that is great for training lactate tolerance in your legs.


Hinge Lift

Hinge Lift works everything on the backside of your body from your shoulders to your calves.


Sit-up to EO Intervals

Sit-up to EO Intervals hammer your midsection by training flexion and rotation in combination.


Here's where you can Download the free Mountain Athletics Training App



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