How to Build a Portable DIY Ski Tuning Bench using a Workmate Workbench

Setup a Ski Waxing Table & Tuning Bench using a Workmate Bench.
by Updated April 14, 2018

So here's a quick way and easy way to setup a DIY Ski Tuning and Waxing bench using the versatile Workmate Bench.  Essentially, I wanted to tune and wax my skis in my basement instead of my cold garage, but my basement didn't have a regular workbench. However, I did have an old Workmate Bench to use, I just needed to purchase a 4 foot piece of Pine wood to extend the bench longer to hold skis better.

If you don't own a Workmate Bench, they are super handy and can be purchased for under $30 (depending on the model). I also had some old ski vices to use, but those can also be purchased separately or you could build your own using wood blocks, which you could then attach to the Pine board, and place your skis on the blocks.

Here's what you need to build your own Portable Ski Tuning and Waxing Workmate Bench:

  • Black & Decker Workmate Bench
  • Ski Vices (if you don't already own, I recommend purchasing wide vices to handle fat skis)
  • 2x4 wood - 4 foot in length
  • 1 in. x 12 in. x 4 ft. Pine Common Board (or for a harder surface 48 in. x 19-1/2 in. Melamine Workbench Top in White found at Home Depot)
  • Screws (1-5/8" x 8 GA)
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Garbage can (optional)
  • Drill / Screwdriver


1) Screw together the 4' long 2x4 and the 4ft long Pine board, just make sure to drill pilot holes first then screw in screws. (see pics on right sidebar)

2) Now just tighten down the Workmate to clamp the 2x4 into the middle of the Workmate Bench

3) Tighten ski vices to Pine board (you may want to use 2 scrap pieces of 2x4's to raise up Ski Vices, to give more room for ski bindings)

4) Place drop cloth underneath Workmate Bench to protect floor from Wax and ski material, as well as help with quick cleanup.

5) When waxing / scraping wax off skis, place Garbage can at the end of your skis, to scrape wax into can.

6) You're now ready to tune or wax your skis and clean up is easy!


NOTE: Workmate Benches fold up, so this DIY ski tuning bench is easily portable, so whether your a ski racer who needs a ski tuning bench to tune skis on the road, or you just want to tune skis in your garage or basement, it's small enough to be moved around or can be folded up to fit in your car.



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