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What bolts does the 32T Absolute Black Oval chainring need?

I recently purchased a 32 tooth Absolute Black Oval chainring and need to find the correct sized bolts to use to connect it to my Shimano crankset?

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The Absolute Black 32T OVAL 104 & 64BCD traction chainring has built-in 2mm spacers and threaded holes (M8x0.75). The threaded holes use the same size bolts that are used to secure a small inner (or middle) chainring on a 2x Shimano XT crankset. So you should be able to use the inner chainring bolts from a 2x10 setup.

Here are M8 bolts that should work with a 32T AB Oval (minimum bolt length of 6mm, but longer would be better):

Larger AB oval chainring sizes like the 34T oval use regular chainring bolts to secure the chainring to an Shimano XT crankset

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