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What are the Best Winter Gloves?

What are the Best Winter Gloves or Mittens?

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I wear Outdoor Research Alti Mittens and love them for super warm gloves. These mittens keep my hands warm in very cold temperatures. I’ve worn them in below 0 temps without any issues. By far the warmest gloves or mittens I've ever owned.

For a warmish glove to use while active, check out the OR Project glove. It's made primarily for ice climbing so it maximizes dexterity over warmth, but still has a good amount of insulation.

Outdoor Research also has the best warranty in the industry. They'll replace abused gear for free, no questions asked, so I definitely recommend OR gear for just about everything.


Black Diamond Mercury Mitts are also a great warm mitten. I've worn them in minus 30 windchill.

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