A Super Fun MTB Lap Down Teton Pass Flow Trail

5 to 9 on the Candyland Trail with Jeff Brines
by Updated July 4, 2016

"Summer is upon us and so is the claustrophobic feeling of sitting in an office all day. 5 pm can’t come fast enough. Jeff Brines, Stio ambassador, shows how much fun a single lap on Teton Pass after work can be."

Looks like his dog is having just as much fun as he is, leading the way down the trail.




anonymous by Greg Novak on 7/3/2016
What trail on Teton pass is this?
I'm lucky enough to be here in Teton County during the summer after riding the Teton Backcountry / Sublette County powder all winter.

Hey Greg,

It looks like it's the "Candyland" downhill trail on Teton Pass.  Here's a video that gives you another look at "Jimmy's Mom" trail to "Candyland" on Teton Pass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPDZL8NUIIw

Watch a little history on the CandyLand Trail (Teton Freedom Riders) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABJVlAH3dSg


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