How to Setup GoPro Chin Cam on Fox Proframe Helmet

Full Face Chin Camera Setup for Fox Proframe Helmet
by Updated May 31, 2018

How to Setup GoPro Chin Cam on Fox Proframe Helmet

If you don't have a Gimbal for stabilizing POV footage while mountain biking like the popular EVO SS Gimbal, one of the next best alternatives is to mount your GoPro to your helmet; as your head acts as a natural gimbal. I got inspired to setup a chin cam on my Fox Proframe helmet after watching this video from Scottish McTrail Rider who used a chin cam while racing in the Scottish Enduro Series. In the video he's using a GoPro Hero 6 with Video Stabilization turned on, which looks nearly as good as footage seen using a chest mounted gimbal. In the video, the chin cam isn't super shaky and you still get the lower vantage point of the handle bars in view, which you don't get to see if the GoPro is mounted on the top of the helmet.

In my case, I still have an older GoPro 3 without video stabilization, so while the video footage isn't nearly as good as it would be with a newer GoPro Hero 6, the video is still watchable. So if you have any interest in setting up a chin cam on your Fox Proframe full-face helmet to use while mountain biking here's what you'll need to do.

Things You'll Need:

Pros and Cons of using a Chin Cam


  • You don't need to buy an expensive Gimbal
  • Filming vantage point is similar to chest mounted Gimbal
  • Cheap and easy to setup
  • Don't need to wear a chest strap to hold Gimbal
  • Very secure when using a Fox Proframe helmet (no sticky pad mounts)


  • Video will still be shaky, unless you have a GoPro Hero 6 or higher with image video stabilization turned on
  • Video will not be quite as good as using a Gimbal w/ a GoPro Hero 4+ for mountain biking
  • The GoPro may occasionally hit your chest when bending neck down too far
  • Need to wear a full-face helmet (in this case a Fox Proframe helmet)
  • Extra weight of the GoPro added to helmet could put an unwanted strain on neck if riding all day

Setting up Chin Cam on a Fox Proframe Full Face Helmet

  1. Start by securely attaching the Helmet Mount Strap to the chin bar of the Fox Proframe helmet.
  2. Use a Buckle Clip Base Mount and clip it into the helmet mount strap.
  3. Attach an 88mm Extension Arm to the Base Mount (depending on your height you may want a longer or shorter extension).
  4. Go into the Settings of your GoPro Hero camera and flip the view so that the filming orientation is in upside "Down" mode.
  5. Attach the GoPro Hero camera to the lower portion of the Extension Arm with the Frame Mount Housing case.
  6. Take the Closed Cell Foam 1-1/4" and sandwich it between the Extension Arm and the chin guard (don't zip tie it to helmet just yet). The foam is used so the camera always stays in the right position and the extension arm doesn't move out of position while riding. Keep in mind, I used closed cell foam because that's what I had lying around the house, it's soft but dense and can be easily cut with a knife to make small adjustments. If you don't have Closed Cell foam, you can always use piping foam from a home improvement store or an old towel/ rag and duct tape it to get the right size for the extension arm to sit on. Another alternative is to use floaty foam from a GoPro mouth mount. For example, Scottish McTrail Rider uses an orange gopro floaty that comes with a SP Gadgets Mouth Mount for his chin cam setup.
  7. Now go get on your mountain bike (you can do this in your garage) and start filming test POV video from the chin cam while sitting and standing on your mountain bike in order to figure out the best position for the camera for filming POV mountain biking shots using the chin cam setup.
  8. After testing, I needed to cut a little groove into the foam so that the Extension Arm would sit in the correct spot for the GoPro camera to be positioned right where I wanted it.
  9. Once you've figured out the correct position of the Extension Arm / GoPro camera angle, use zip ties to secure the Closed Cell Foam 1-1/4" to the lower portion of the chin bar.
  10. The Extension Arm also has a hole on one side of each end, so you'll want to add an additional zip tie through the side hole and secure it to chin guard so that the extension arm doesn't move around, as it will get bounced around.  That way you can be absolutely certain that the Arm will stay in place and won't accidentally get bounced or pushed up.
  11. That's it... Now go out and film your ride!




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