[Full Movie] Few Words - A Candide Thovex Film from Quiksilver

Watch Few Words By Candide Thovex

FEW WORDS is one of the best ski films to drop in the last decade.  The award winning documentary from Quiksilver retraces the life story of one the most accomplished skiers in the world Candide Thovex.

The film gives you an inside look into the life and legend behind the goggles that is Candide Thovex while taking you on a trip to some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet.

Candide Thovex sending it over Chad's Gap in 1999.

Chad's Gap is a 120 foot (around 36 meters) backcountry gap located in the Wasatch Mountains, near Alta Ski Area, in Utah, United States. Chad's Gap is a part of extreme skiing lore and facts about its exact location and the circumstances of its discovery have been reported but have not been fully substantiated. One version of the structure's discovery has it that Chad Zurinskas, a local Utah resident after whom the gap was purportedly named, discovered it as a gap between two piles of mine tailings in 1999 and arranged with filmmaker Kris Ostness to make the first successful jump. The first successful jump was done by Candide Thovex.

Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex throws a Dspin 720 over Chad's Gap in 2000 while filming with Teton Gravity Research.



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