Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair Killed in Avalanche in the Aysen region of Chile

Chilean press confirms Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair have been killed in avalanche on Mount Cochrane
by Updated October 1, 2014

Update: The Chilean press is confirming the death of Swedish born extreme ski mountaineer Andreas Fransson and Canadian Freestyle skier JP Auclair in an avalanche in the Aysen region of Chile. The news comes as a complete shock to the ski world. At this time, all our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of these two world class skiers. Very sad news. 

via Publimetro Chile

Were found dead the Swedish and Canadian citizens, Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair, respectively, disappeared yesterday following an avalanche on Mount San Lorenzo, Aysen region, which dragged about 700 meters.

Both came to the town to Balmaceda on September 26 and left the next day accompanied by a tour guide with the idea of ​​getting an audiovisual record of the mountain, appropriated La Tercera.

Alerted by the emergency, police flew over the area Tuesday and only managed to spot the two bodies, more than 3,700 meters.

Onemi director Aysén Sidi Bravo confirmed to EPD News hikers were found dead by police in the Argentinean side of the mountain. It also reported that already contacted the authorities of the neighboring country to rescue them.

The accident was known, said the police captain Alvaro Herrera Radio Bio Bio after the advice of a Chilean contacted by an Argentine, who in turn had spoken with two Swedes who witnessed the avalanche.

The Chilean news organization, first reported the skiers Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair had gone missing in an avalanche in the Aysen region of Chile.  Both Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair are two of the biggest names in skiing and were on the mountain making a film when the avalanche occurred.  The news that they were killed is a huge loss and will send shock waves throughout the entire ski world. They will be greatly missed by all.

Here's what was first reported from (translated via Google)

Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair reported Missing in avalanche in the Aysen region of Chile

Four foreigners, three of Sweden and one from Canada, over a Chilean, climbed up Mount San Lorenzo in Cochrane in the Aysen region, apparently for making a film, but an avalanche had swept 700 meters and to a Canadian Swedish, finding missing since Monday afternoon.

Those who are missing are Andreas Fransson of Sweden and JP Auclair, Canada. Meanwhile, those who were unharmed this avalanche were identified as Bjarne Salen and Daniel Ronnbak, both from Sweden.

Foreign Balmaceda had reached on 26 September, and the next day moved to the area with a tour guide of our country.

Knowledge of the fact was made Monday afternoon, through a call via satellite phone, where they could report the situation to police in Cochrane.

The mountainous area is distant 18 hours of the city, and then connect to another flight of two hours and just start climbing to the place where the accident occurred. To this is added that rescuers can take up to 13 hours to reach the area of ​​the avalanche.

Captain Alvaro Vidal Herrera, deputy of the Fourth services Cochrane police station, provide details about how they would have triggered this.

Four foreign nationals, three from Sweden and one from Canada, plus Chile, climbed up Mount San Lorenzo in Cochrane in the Aysen region, apparently for making a film, but an avalanche had swept 700 meters Canadian and a Swede, was found missing since Monday afternoon.

While staff Aeropolicial police unit of Coyhaique, accompanied by staff GOPE are flying over the area, and according to initial reports they would have located the crash site.

According to early records, foreigners were conducting an audiovisual work in the area and is waiting to determine whether the site of the avalanche corresponds to Chilean or Argentine territory, because it is a border area.


JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson in the Mont Blanc Massif EP 2


It's a very, very sad day knowing that we lost two legends in the ski industry who have, and will continue to inspire a generation of skiers to go out and do what they love.  Thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends.  RIP Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair, you will be greatly missed.



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